Mid-term validation seminar

Building the market place for Smart Mobility Services: TRACE mid-term validation seminar

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) organised a meeting on Smart Mobility Services, which took place on 22 November in Brussels. This event also presented with the opportunity to hold the TRACE mid-term validation seminar, meant to invite views of relevant public and private stakeholders on the TRACE tools.

The general purpose of this meeting was to focus on building the market place for smart mobility services and roll-out action. The event featured a mix of discussions with a specific emphasis on:

  • Citizen-centered approach to data
  • In-depth discussions on tools validation
  • Take-up and up-scaling of business models

The meeting served as a seminar to validate the TRACE tools (Positive Drive, Biklio and the Traffic Snake Game ) by getting feedback from external stakeholders. The validation seminar for the TRACE apps was organised in a “World cafe tables” format: the tables were arranged in such a way that feedback was asked in three topics - data privacy, value for the user and business models - and each time for a specific app. This approach allowed to have three interactive discussions per session, and each app responsible person had the chance to collect personalised suggestions for each of the three topics. 

All presentations, the agenda and a report of the seminar are available here below:

  1. ACSUM-NMSIntro_Ivo Cre
  2. TRACE tools presentation_Daniela Stoycheva
  3. EMPOWER tools_Marcel Meeuwissen
  4. OPTICITIES_Peter Staelens
  5. Data privacy_Antonio Kung
  6. FrontierCities2_Bernardita Cardenas