Events Detail

Velo-city 2018

12-15 June, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. European Cyclists’ Federation’s Velo-city series of conferences is widely considered as the premier international planning conferences on cycling. The conferences are designed to encourage cycling as a part of daily transport and recreation.

Goals of Velo-city 2018 

  • ​Spread high quality knowledge, good new information about cycling, and transport planning at the international level.
  • Cities with good cycling policies showcase the benefits they provide to their citizens, businesses and others through the conference generated publicity.
  • Encourage the recognition of cycling as an efficient, healthy, environmentally-friendly mode of transport, and to promote its greater use.
  • Integration of cycle planning into transport, land-use planning and other relevant policy sectors where cycling plays an important role.
  • Seek involvement from all relevant stakeholders. 

More information about the Velo-city is available on the event website