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Biklio: imagining cities with permanent benefits for cycling

Biklio makes it possible to create a wide and enduring cycle-to-shop campaign. Biklio will help establish permanent incentives for cycling in your city.

Whatever the current cycling situation in your city, imagine the introduction of a range of material benefits always available around the city for those who chose the bicycle as their mode of transportation. You can make this possible simply by connecting the interests of bicycle users with the interests of local businesses. To this, add a feeling of enjoyment and belonging that the Biklio brand can bring among users - pure magic for increasing cycling!

Now is the time to create partnerships with cities that want to make this come true. If you’re from a city administration – or a local partner like a cycling association or service provider – Biklio is addressing you. You were or will be able to meet us at stands and presentations in events like the Smart Mobility Summit in Lisbon, the Smart Regions Summit in the Algarve, the European Conference on Mobility Management in Maastricht, VeloCity in Arnhem and the CIVITAS Conference in Torres Vedras. Well, actually, you don’t need to go there to start a conversation and know more about Biklio – just send an email with a question or to set up a call with us.

Contact or the TRACE project communication manager at Polis Giacomo Lozzi: