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Biklio rolling out in Luxembourg

The Biklio app is to be launched in Luxembourg, offering rewards for cycling.

Luxembourgers will have the opportunity to earn rewards for cycling as a result of the launch of the Biklio app in the duchy. The app works by recording the distance travelled by bike using the accelerometer data in the users smartphone. Once 500m has been travelled by bicycle, the user is eligible for the prizes. These prizes will be given by small businesses and other organisations in Bonnevoie, including free coffee and a free beer or soft drink, and Mudam will offer free museum entry. Users simply have to choose which they would like to take advantage of on the app, then provide the voucher at the business to claim the prize.


The thrust behind the development of the app is the desire to persuade people to turn to healthier lifestyles, as well as to reduce levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of European cities. Other cities in which the app will be launched include Southend-on-Sea, Breda and Bologna.


Aside from the distance tracking to claim prizes, the Biklio app contains information about facilities useful to cyclists near the user, such as water fountains and lockers. A further feature is of the app in Luxembourg is that all users will be entered into a draw for prizes from the S-Cape cycling shop at the end of the campaign.


If you wish to take part, you should register with the Biklio app between the 2nd and 31st of October.