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Positive Drive, Biklio and TAToo at the biggest cycling conference in the world

TRACE at Velo-city 2017 Arnhem - Nijmegen!

When you have a new product related to cycling, one of the best validation tests you can have is to promote it at the most important conference in the world about utilitarian cycling, Velo-City.

In Velo-City, you’re surrounded by a crowd of individuals who are naturally interested in cycling and probably working on some perspective of cycling. Whoever you turn to, it is someone that could give that great feedback on your product that will help you decide on that next step, or maybe, who knows, become your next big partner or client.

So, for the four days of Velo-City in Nijmegen last June, that’s what we did! Taking the TRACE booth as the base, as representatives of Positive Drive, Biklio and TAToo, we retold our product stories to a lot of cycling people and brought home some of their valuable feedback and a few future possible cooperation possibilities.

The theme ”The Freedom of Cycling” was totally appropriate and we could feel it whenever we saw in the streets of Nijmegen children cycling to go to school or get around to other activities. That is the moment when you realize again: ”We are doing the right think” with our tools in TRACE. It’s hard to describe such a large conference as a whole, but we’d highlight Leo Borman’s talk about Happiness and Cycling. After elaborating on the reasons that make people happy and some of their links to cycling, his conclusion was striking: happiness is about ”Other People”, about  positive relations between you and others. Well, that actually strongly resonates with our Biklio’s slogan! ”You benefit the Community, The Community Benefits You".