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Positive Drive used to ease congestion in Cloche d'Or

About 60% of Luxembourg’s workforce commutes daily across one of the country’s borders, meaning that there are around 181,000 people making cross-border commutes per day. As only 7% of these commutes are made by public transport, there is a growing problem with heavy congestion on border roads.

In order to solve these mobility changes the government put in place the ambitious infrastructure and mobility strategy called MODU2020. More and more companies recognize that the Luxembourg government cannot solve the present deteriorating mobility situation on its own.

LuxMobility, IMS (Inspiring More Sustainability) and seven large employers in the Cloche D’Or area have collaborated to use the Positive Drive app as part of the TRACE project. Using data from their collective 7800 employees’ use of Positive Drive, dense mobility data about the commuting habits could be collected and used for better mobility planning in the Cloche d’Or area.