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The call to join the TRACE Take-Up Group is now open - deadline 30 November!

TRACE is launching a call for applications in order to form a Take-Up Group

The TRACE Take-Up Group will be composed of public and private actors interested in the roll-out of TRACE tracking tools beyond the project. The Group members will:

  • Closely follow, comment on and validate the development of the tools throughout the project
  • Receive a number of benefits and services from the TRACE project, which will enable them to take advantage of and learn from the experiences of the TRACE implementation sites as well as to actively contribute to drive the processes through their ideas and initiatives
  • Have direct access to the project’s key reports and events, while they will receive tailor-made and hands-on advice on the four tracking tools developed in TRACE
  • Act as multipliers towards their peers.

We are in particular looking for:

  • Local and regional authorities with measures in place and/ or ambitions/strategies for active travel policies and/or mobility tracking services.
  • Organisations and associations with a strong expertise in the field of behaviour change campaigns and active travel policies.
  • Private companies with a strong expertise in the field of development of ICT/ ITS tracking tools, and consultancies working on (cycling/walking) urban mobility planning.

The TRACE Take-Up Group will meet three times during the project lifetime.

The first meeting will take place on 21-22 January 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.

Financial support will be provided for up to 8 Take-Up Group members to travel to the meetings, but other stakeholders willing to participate at their own expenses are strongly welcome. Members are urged to join all three meetings.