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TRACE 2nd Take-Up Group: evaluation and field testing of the TRACE Apps in Brussels!

The TRACE Take-Up Group (TUG) is composed of public and private actors, including local and regional authorities, commercial associations, user representatives and private companies (IT, app developers), who are interested in the roll-out of TRACE tracking tools beyond the life of the project.

The 2nd TRACE Take-Up Group meeting was held at the Polis premises in Brussels on 02 February 2017 and focused on giving the TRACE project partners feedback based on the evaluation of the function and long term use of the tools and apps.

The meeting featured a series of presentations followed by field testing of the TRACE apps in Brussels. During the field testing, the Take-Up group participants were split into two groups and each group tested both Bilkio app on a cycling tour and the Postive Drive app on a walking tour. Participants had to download both the apps on their personal mobile phone in order to test the tools themselves. Fictious rewards and prizes were set up for both Biklio and Positive drive to enable testing of all features of the apps.

At the end of the field test, users were requested to share feedback about their experience of using the apps and specific comments regarding the in-app questions. Some of the main amendments that were suggested were regarding the timing of the in-app questions that users need to complete during the registration procedure. The feedback highlighted the potential risk of discouraging users from registering on the apps by asking them too many questions at an early stage or asking questions that aren’t applicable to all users. Some testers admitted to have chosen the first option for each question without even considering the other options in order to finish as quickly as possible.

Tester’s also provided feedback about the technical aspects and overall user experience.

World Café on evaluation - discussion groups

The afternoon session was de­signed in a ‘world café’ style of workshop to help facilitate fur­ther discussion and collect valuable feedback on the field test of the apps and their future implementation in the pilots. Four tables, each with a different topic of discussion, were set up and participants were organised in four groups and allocated a table to start discussions on the assigned topic. The four topics were as follows:

  • Behaviour change campaigns and data for planning ”“ how does this go together?
  • From pilot to long-term campaign ”“ prolonging the life of a campaign ”“ what do users or stakeholders need? How can you keep them engaged after the pilot?
  • Different pilots ”“ different data. What could be common elements of the TRACE evaluation?
  • Data collection methods and data quality

The role of the group was twofold: they acted as test users for the apps and at the same time contributed to the evaluation of the TRACE pilot campaigns by sharing their own experiences from other evaluation activities. Participants openly talked about difficulties they had encountered and about lessons learned.

The meeting provided an opportunity for networking and exchange of ideas and experience. The evaluation of the pilot campaigns within TRACE is at an early stage and many Take-Up Group members expressed their interest in following the evaluation and learning about the results.

There will be a 3rd Take-Up Group meeting before the end of TRACE. This will link back to TRACE 1st and 2nd Take-Up Group meeting and look into the future: the actual take-up of the apps developed in TRACE.

To read the full report and download the presentations, please visit the TRACE website here. To visit the pictures gallery, please visit TRACE Flickr account.