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TRACE represented in the 2017 CIVITAS Forum Conference

The TRACE project was represented in the last CIVITAS FORUM Conference, held by the warm and friendly city of Torres Vedras in September 2017.

Joining forces with the FLOW and EMPOWER projects, TRACE organised a session on “decision making in the digital age: The role of data in transport policies and decisions for non-motorised modes”. It focused on how collected data on walking and cycling can feed into decision making, strengthening the case for implementing such measures.

The projects FLOW, TRACE and EMPOWER teamed up to look at various issues related to data on walking and cycling. Brief inputs were provided by the three projects on data and their availability, collection and use in the respective projects. Participants were then asked to contribute their own experiences to discussions in a World Café format, to assess to what extent data are available on non-motorised modes in cities, and to what degree they can support decision making on sustainable transport.

During the Deployment Day, TRACE partners manned one stand dedicated to the Biklio app and one stand shared with the partners from the FLOW and EMPOWER projects. A video of the recently released “tracking for planning tool” from the TRACE project – “TAToo – Tracking Analysis Tool” – was continuously playing on the screen in the second stand.

The two stands were visited by many conference delegates who were keen to learn more about the project, pilot initiatives, Apps that were developed as a part of the project and to collect the prizes. Visitors at the Biklio stand could even pick a bike bell if they showed their application to download!

Also, during the afternoon, TAToo was presented to an interested and enthusiastic audience, who heard about the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) calculated by the tool and its first tests’ results. Some of these results were accomplished using the data from the Positive Drive campaign in the Cloche d’Or area, so the presence of Martin Kracheel, from the TRACE partner LuxMobility, helped explain more about the potential of TAToo.

This was also a great opportunity for all those present to network with hundreds of professionals, whose experiences should be now a precious input for the remaining steps of the TRACE project.