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Tracking is a game in Bologna

In addition to the ongoing Traffic Snake Game, Servizi Rete Mobilità  (SRM) have launched two other behaviour change campaigns based on tracking and gamification to support and stimulate sustainable mobility.

The Bella Mossa (”good move”) campaign was launched in Bologna on 1st April 2017 as take-up city in the EMPOWER European project, aiming to reward citizens who travel sustainably instead of using cars or other polluting vehicles. Until the end of September, the over 18,000 (so far) participants who are engaged in the campaign can track their sustainable journeys by using the BetterPoints app and earn Mobility Points. These points can be converted into discounts and benefits provided by the stores that support the campaign.

Besides Bella Mossa, SRM manages the European Cycling Challenge, the biggest urban cyclists’ team competition, which takes place every year in May. Over 34,000 people in 52 European Cities took part in the 6th edition this year. Participants could track their cycle journeys with the Naviki app and the distance covered by each participant was added up to give the total for the city. The leaderboards were then updated in real time, which allowed for comparison of cities and individual participants.