Pilot Site: Águeda

Partner in Trace in charge of the Pilot site: Municipality of Águeda


The city of Águeda is part of the district of Aveiro in the central coastal region of Portugal. It is crossed by several national and regional roads, which gives it an important geo-strategic position. The economy of the city relies for the major part on the secondary sector (manufacturing industry), which provides jobs for about 50% of the employed population of the area. The City of Águeda is well known for the urban art, festival Agità¡gueda (July) and the colorful streets, attracting thousands of tourists during summer time (July to the end of September).

There is still some potential to increase the competitiveness of the city notably thanks to the presence of the School of Technology and Management of Águeda (pole of the University of Aveiro).

In 2013, Águeda completed its Strategy for Sustainable Mobility 2020 Águeda, which is following the local and European concerns for the promotion of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

In 2015, Águeda received the smart city seal (green business week) for the development of several projects focused on promoting quality of life and the use of technology for the sake of meeting the population's needs. The biggest mobility challenges in Agueda include the attractiveness of its public transport network, the acceptance of cycling as a daily mean of transportation, the reduction of car usage and the development of carpooling.

Águedas’ sustainable urban mobility goals

  • Network of urban cycle paths - mostly built in 2011 - currently is about 23 km,
    lying designed the second implementation phase over 16 km

  • beÁgueda - the electric bicycle of Águeda is an innovative pilot project of sustainable mobility, implemented by the Municipality of Águeda in 2011 with the aim of encouraging citizens to use public electric bicycles in their daily commuting. Up until now, e-bike users have already driven more than 30.000 km

  • WalKinÁgueda - created in 2015, this APP allows hikers to enjoy a different tour on the walking trails of the municipality, by discovering various points of interest and landscapes

  • Platform “sustainable schools”. It was built in 2014 and intended to be a challenge to schools to voluntarily reduce their consumption of energy and water, as well as to implement sustainability measures. One among the themes it was working on was sustainable mobility

Activities in TRACE

Águeda will test the TRACE tools: Traffic Snake Game tracking application and Cycle to shop incentives. The tools provided by the TRACE project are aligned with Águeda mobility strategy and will allow the involvement and awareness of citizens as well as facilitating the promotion of behavioral changes. These two tools are also a good opportunity to address different target groups of different age and to show them the benefits and potential of cycling and walking for travel purposes and daily activities. 

Quick facts
  • Population: app. 47,729

  • Road network length:  975 km

  • Cycle paths length:  23km

  • Public transport (PT) modes: train and bus