Pilot site: Breda

Partner in Trace in charge of the Pilot site: Breda

The city of Breda is known as an exciting historic city in Brabant with an attractive city centre. With almost 181.000 inhabitants, 100.000 jobs, a population density of 3.560 inhabitants/km2, the Dutch city lies in a strategic position between Rotterdam, Antwerp and the Ruhr area and is easily accessible from Amsterdam and Antwerp. 

Breda is a typical car-city. The level of accessibility is still well appreciated but there is an occurring major “crack” in this system. If specific and in-depth measures are not taken soon, traffic within the city will grow exponentially and somewhere between 2020 and 2030 the ability of the transportation system to absorb this growth will come to a stop. This means decline of “urban-values” like climate-adaptation, local economy, spatial quality, air pollution, CO2 emissions and thus public health. Therefore, car accessibility in Breda needs to be radically redefined. This vision is incorporated in Breda’s new Structural Vision 2030 where, for the first time, the city successfully links urban mobility to spatial planning. 

Breda’s sustainable urban mobility goals

Breda has been SUMPed.  This new roadmap aims to make motorized trips in the city fewer, shorter and to shift towards greener transport modes. To follow its roadmap, the city has developed  several pilots in order to test the efficiency of some innovative measures, including the development of urban high speed cycle lanes as an alternative for inner car-trips in the city, and the testing of behavioral pilots with new techniques (like apps) to change urban mobility in a positive way. The city is also looking for ways to increase bike potential by developing lifestyle-based marketing instead of standard communication. The city has operated a crucial change in the way it communicates around mobility, notably by using storytelling, a new way of approaching mobility representing a strong, consistent and sustainable trend in mobility-policy. 

Activities in TRACE

The City of Breda will test the Positive Drive tool. The city is really keen on testing the impact of tools involving tracking: TRACE will help Breda in exploiting and exploring this new field of expertise. 

Quick facts
  • Population:  app. 180.000
  • Road network length:  946 km
  • Cycle paths length:  260 km
  • Public transport (PT) modes:  train and bus