Context and aims

Biklio is a mobile application that creates a network of recognition and benefits to bicycle users, linking them to local businesses and the cycling community for the good of their city.  

People who cycle are recognized with benefits from Biklio spots at the destination of their trips. The mobile app detects when the user is using the bicycle, and when he/she arrives at a Biklio spot, a notification will announce a benefit. The user then shows the “spot keeper” a claim panel from the app that proves eligibility to a benefit.

Users can see in the app map where and what are the spots, what benefit they offer and what are the existing cycling facilities. Even if they do not proactively engage with the app, the benefit notification will always warn them if they enter a Biklio spot, so the user does not have to use or even remind about the app to get advantage of its benefits. The app also involves the community of users to cycle for their city and for their own good, informing each user on his individual and the community’s contribution to a more healthy, sustainable and pleasant city.

Any type of consumer oriented business can participate: may this be a café, a restaurant, a store, a clothing shop, a museum, an ice-cream shop or a pharmacy. To join the network, the Spot keeper only has to fill in a simple online form stating their location and benefits given to the Biklio community. Their Spot page may also inform users on any supplied bike facilities (like parking).

To add to this, the local campaigner (like the city administration) or other sponsors can create extra cycling challenges with special benefits for the users who quest them. These challenges provide additional incentives and opportunities to promote cycling as a mode of transport.

Bike with benefits. You benefit the community, the community benefits you.

TRACE new features

TRACE will extend Biklio along the following major lines:

Open and dynamic platform 
The checkpoint system will allow local businesses to add a new checkpoint anywhere at any time. The system will also allow existing checkpoints to temporarily join and leave (‘plug-and-join’), providing businesses with the flexibility to activate their checkpoints only in desired periods.

Reliability, privacy and security
Novel tamper-evident and privacy-enabled cycling tracking techniques will be developed, for both mobile devices and checkpoints. The tracking system will employ security mechanisms to ensure that participants’ mobility patterns are concealed.

Route planning and localisation 
The application will provide for geographic visualization of nearby checkpoints and for checkpoint-aware route planning, to maximize the presence of checkpoints in the suggested routes.

Pay-per-visit payment model 
It will ask checkpoint owners to fund the reward system in a fair proportion to the number of visits that are accounted at that checkpoint.

Social media 
They will be used to increase the awareness and effectiveness of these serious games.

Value Creation

- Better information on cyclists’ and walkers’ preferences and infrastructure performance

- Interoperability with multiple sources of data

- Applicability in different GIS based tools

Stakeholders’ interest

- Shops get more costumers and access demand segmentation information


- Shopping

- Behaviour change

- Development of an open track and score application oriented to cycle to shop initiatives.