Positive Drive

Context and aims

Positive Drive is an existing mobility behaviour change tool. Positive Drive is based on “doing and rewarding the right transport choice”. It uses only positive nudges (coaching, prizes, social status, achievements, etc).The game originates from the Netherlands and is developed by IJberg.

Most consumers use different form of transport at different times and different situations. Positive Drive’s philosophy is that only by overseeing different users’ actions in traffic it is possible to change people’s behaviour. As soon as the consumer turns on the app it starts measuring and rewarding good behaviour and giving direct feedback. The user can see all rewards achievements, share this through social media and play for prizes in the game room. The coaching program is also driven by these achievements and is tailored to each individual user. Positive Drive is extremely flexible and can be adapted to almost any situation, modality and goal set.

The aim of TRACE is to shift from a local environment to a wide-scale application, involving different countries and a higher number of end-users.

TRACE new features

TRACE will extend and improve Positive Drive along the following major lines:

Most modes of transport are measured and recognized in the system, but it offers users only car and bike data so far. Algorithms will be improved to offer users also better feedback on walking and public transport. All modalities will be added to the reward and coaching system and incorporated in the apps design.

Positive Drive is used in particular for generic movements in urban areas. TRACE will use and test the app for specific cycling/waking groups like commuters and youngsters but also for specific cycling/walking themes like going to the pub, going for shopping, going to school and recreational use.

The game in Positive Drive will be adjusted to different goals, countries and users.

Positive Drive offers prizes and social rewards, but it could help people doing even better through coaching. Recent research shows that winning and pricing in combination with coaching leads to 25% more cycle use than just pricing (B-Riders and others).

Open platform
The platform will be made more open in order to create a system that can be more attractive to users, sponsors, consumes less time and becomes self-supporting in the near future.

Value Creation

- Straight and reliable identification of good behaviour.

- Ability to make specific mobility profile based recommendations.

- Flexibility of purposes and strategies (rewards, gaming).

- All modes of transport included.

Stakeholders’ interest

- (Local) authorities get more effective behaviour change mechanisms to reduce congestion, change modal split, make people aware of problematic behaviour, etc., and obtain valuable data and insights.

- Companies/ institutions get an effective tool to promote healthy habits among workers and promote their image amongst users.

- Consumers are rewarded for their right choices.


- Commute
- Behaviour change
- Improvement of an ongoing persuasion, coaching, rewarding and gaming tool for all modalities