TAToo - Tracking for planning tool

Context and aims

GPS data of the trajectories that travelers do when cycling or walking can be much valuable for planning and policy making, but raw data has to be transformed into information that is comprehensive.

TAToo - the Tracking Analysis Tool - transforms GPS cycling and walking data into meaningful indicators on the local mobility network.

The TAToo tool is targeted at mobility planners and decision makers who want to understand better what is the cycling and walking demand and what is the performance of the existing infrastructure.

TAToo builds indicators, like cycling volumes, speed, waiting time and level of service, in the elements of the mobility network - links, nodes and zones.

It is able to use an OpenStreetMap - thus not being necessary to have a specific map of the city - and delivers output data that can be visualized in GIS tools. It also calculates other general indicators and rankings that support in the analysis and prioritization of interventions in the infrastructure or on improving communication to mobility users.

Find more technical information about TAToo in TRACE Deliverable 5.5.

Do you want to apply TAToo or know more about it? Please, contact:

Joà£o Bernardino | +351 936 976 884 | tatoo@tis.pt

Value Creation

- Better information on cyclists’ and walkers’ preferences and infrastructure performance

- Interoperability with multiple sources of data

- Applicability in different GIS based tools

Stakeholders’ interest

- Local mobility planning and policy authoritiesget better tools to plan, decide and assess and communicate policy results


- Mobility planning